Mayor Walsh in Galway Visit last month

Mayor Martin Walsh returned to Ireland last month for a five-day visit, his second international trip as mayor, during which he received several ceremonial awards and participated in the unveiling of Kilkerrin Rock.
The son of parents from Connemara, Walsh spoke on the ties between Boston and his family’s home country, according to a city of Boston press release, highlighting the importance of cultural richness, acceptance of immigrants, and economic partnerships.
“Ireland and the Irish culture hold a special place in my heart, and are a large part of Boston’s overall identity as well,” Walsh said in a statement. “Our economic and cultural ties to Ireland are undeniable, and it’s beneficial for Boston to continue to embrace, support and learn from other countries and cities. I’m honored that our work in Boston is being acknowledged overseas.”
The mayor’s official itinerary included a stop at the Galway City Hall to accept the “Freedom of The City” award on May 11. The ceremonial award has been bestowed on John F. Kennedy, Pope John Paul II, John Hume, Hillary Clinton, Richard Daley, Nelson Mandela, Ms. Garry Hynes, President Michael D Higgins and Senator Billy Lawless.
On May 12, Mayor Walsh visited the Emigrant Commemorative Centre in his dad’s home village of Carna, Co. Galway. The Centre educates visitors on the changing face of the rural Gaeltacht area and Galway’s rich immigrant history. He also joined local dignitaries in the presentation and dedication of the Kilkerrin Rock in his honor. The rock has been inscribed with the words, “To all of our brothers and sisters who had to leave their families and homes, some never to return, in search of a better life abroad,” along with the Mayor Walsh’s name, the date, and the Irish and US flags intertwined.