Here's the Christmas 2019 Issue

This is the final edition of the Boston Irish Reporter as a monthly publication. Beginning in January, 2020, the newspaper will transition to new, seasonal schedule. We will publish our first 2020 edition in the beginning of March as our Spring/St. Patrick’s edition. Subsequently, we intend to publish summer, fall, and winter editions.
This change to our print timeline will be accompanied by a more robust presence at our website, BostonIrish. com, which has been the online home of our work since 1995. While the web has been an important vehicle for disseminating our news and resources for more two decades, it will be ramped up over the coming weeks— offering more in the way of daily news updates, breaking news and commentary that will be more timely, and we expect, relevant to your day-to-day consumption of news.
Our social media channels— including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter— will also get busier and more interactive.
In 1990, Ed and Mary Forry— my parents— introduced the inaugural edition of the Boston Irish Reporter with these words: “We are pleased to present this first edition to you our reader. We are aware of some of our flaws; our readers, no doubt, will notice others. We welcome your comments, and we encourage Irish groups of all kind to contact us with their news and information.”
Thirty years later, we echo those sentiments with a new invitation: Please let us know who and what you’d like us to cover. And tell us about the issues that you see in the Greater Boston Irish community that are on your mind. We’ve always relied on our readership to help drive our coverage. That will not change under this new model.
We are committed to keep telling the stories of the Boston Irish— our stories— for years to come. We hope you will continue to join us on the journey. Reach me anytime via email:
- Bill Forry, BIR Editor