Irish Television tells the story of Boston's Irish

In this new series journalist Seán Mac an tSíthigh travels to the most Irish of cities in America- Boston at a time when the Irish communities’ position as the most powerful immigrant community in Boston is in doubt.


For over 150 years generation after generation of Irish have flocked to America’s most Irish of cities- Boston. With an Irish American mayor in city hall, the Irish it seems are still to the fore of the city’s political establishment and indeed everyday Boston life. Despite their current standing, the Irish communities’ position as the most powerful immigrant community in Boston is now in doubt. Journalist Seán Mac an tSíthigh travels to Boston, Massachusetts in this four-part series to meet with the large Irish community at an important juncture of the Irish American story.

Episode 1     A Sanctuary (2nd April 8pm) . Available worldwide at
When the Irish arrived into Boston harbour during the famine years they were seen as lower class and their sheer presence in the city was despised. By sheer numbers and with each new wave of Irish emigration the Irish eventually made Boston their own and have influenced every aspect of life in Boston since. From North End to Quincy and from Dorchester to Southie the Irish population has slowly moved out of the city into the expanse of its rural suburbs. Seán also ventures South West of Boston to Springfield, Massachusetts where he meets the strong West Kerry community and one of the last of the Blasket Islanders- Máiréad Kearney Shea.

The controversial school ‘bussing’ crisis of the 1970s & 1980 had a lasting effect on the established tradition Irish communities- Jennifer Shares her experience of bussing with us

Episode 2     The Political Dream (9th April 8pm) . Available worldwide at

Nowhere can the influence of the Irish in Boston be seen as evidently or as strongly as it has been on the political landscape of Boston. They keys to City Hall have been more often than not been held by the Irish. Today the son of Irish immigrants is Mayor and while the Irish still hold sway over the city the Irish communities position as the most powerful immigrant community in Boston is now in doubt. As a prominent 'Sanctuary City’ the city and indeed the Irish community find themselves at the centre of the national immigration debate.

Episode 3     In Search of work (16th April 8pm) . Available worldwide at

For over 150 years the Irish have been coming to the city of Boston in search of hope, work and opportunity. In this programme Seán looks at the importance of employment for the Irish community in Boston; from cleaning, building, and protecting the city streets all the way to holding the keys of political power in City Hall. Today Boston continues to welcome a new generation of Irish and while the types of work have changed, the Irish continue to succeed and adapt to the unique opportunities Boston has to offer.

Episode 4     The Irish today (23rdnd April 8pm) . Available worldwide at

In the final episode of the series Seán Mac an tSíthigh explores the shared Irish and American identity within the Boston Irish community. He discovers that the racism and discrimination that Irish received during Famine times still influence the mindset of the community and how they see themselves within their adopted city. Despite the fact that the Irish community in Boston has spread out into the suburbs Seán finds a strong, loyal and unique community within Boston's immigrant population as the Irish continue to celebrate their heritage and support those within their community most in need.


Series begins on Thursday April 2nd 2020 at 8pm on TG4

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