Boston Irish Commentary

On a cloudy and rainy weekday morning that makes this particular corner of the city look more like Seattle than Boston, City Councillor Michael F. Flaherty arrives at the Forest Hills T Station and starts saying hello to campaign workers and greeting... Read more
The daughter of an ex-nun and an Iowa farm boy, a devout young Republican in a state dominated by Democrats, the vice president for institutional advancement at the iconic all-boys Boston College High School, and a woman with a knack for fundraising... Read more
RIP, Dave Burke, A Legendary Hibernian David R. Burke, the leading voice in the Lawrence Hibernian community for more than a half century, died on Wed., May 27, at Caritas Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, of cancer. A highly decorated and respected member... Read more
NEW YORK – With three decades of struggle behind them, it must be said that Gerry Adams and his republican supporters are patient and methodical. And very tactical. The fruits of their patience and tactics are now on display in Northern Ireland, where... Read more
At the time of Sputnik - first space orbit - the cosmonaut hailed as a hero by many blatantly observed that in his travels, he did not find "heaven." It would seem that technology proved that heaven was a myth. Some discussion took place. However, this... Read more
Despite the worldwide nature of the economic recession, Irish voters are charging their own political leaders with the responsibility for their country's problems. It is often said that perception frequently becomes reality. Ireland's leading political... Read more
A sporting equivalent of Mayor Thomas Menino's poll numbers reported May 10 in The Boston Globe would perhaps be sitting in the audience of a heavyweight fight watching the reigning champ flex and shadowbox, then realizing that you're the one due in the... Read more
Having seen peace take hold in Northern Ireland, John Cullinane, who was involved in job-creation and in the peace process in the North, believes that Northern Ireland can serve as a road map for those seeking peace in the ever-fragile, ever-volatile... Read more