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After visiting Ireland for a week this past June I feel I can confidently say that Dublin and most of its citizens are enjoying one big celebration of life. Spend a Saturday afternoon walking from O‘Connell Street to Grafton Street and all the way up to a... Read more
The application of strict principles in an evolving society presents many problems, both temporal and spiritual. Supreme Court justices are split between those who see the constitution as fixed and immutable and those who see it as a set of fundamental... Read more
As part of our careful search to determine the best use of the funds we raise on behalf of Ireland, the Irish American Partnership constantly reviews its decisions regarding grants to specific programs and Irish schools. A formal grants committee... Read more
Despite the refusal of hardliners on both sides to embrace the peace and new spirit of cooperation in Northern Ireland, there are hopeful signs of change. The signing of the Good Friday agreement in 1998 has nearly eliminated the bombings and sectarian... Read more
During the recent rioting in Baltimore, the media cliché was heard over and over: “How could this have happened?” The answer is another question: “How could this not have happened?” And the answer to that comes with a reflection on the sad,... Read more
Frankly, I’m not surprised at the level of skepticism that has greeted the possibility of the Summer Olympics coming to Boston. That Yankee caution and resistance to all things new has permeated our culture for centuries. And while as a region we often... Read more
If society truly measures people by both financial success and charitable works, Andrew Carney ranks as one of the greatest rag-to-riches stories in America’s annals. Before there were “Horatio Alger” stories, there was Andrew Carney. Today, we have... Read more
Let’s refuse to be drawn into vengeance where only another death balances the scale Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is not repentant for the harm he has caused. He is not asking for mercy or forgiveness. He sees himself as a Muslim warrior fully justified in... Read more
Every time the people of Northern Ireland vote, the political experts look for signs of change. Are those favoring a United Ireland gaining? Are the pro-London Unionist parties maintaining their lead? It will be the same on Thurs., May 7, when the voters... Read more
What does the recent furor over the 47 Republican senators’ missive to Iran’s ayatollahs have to do with the United States and Ireland? Nothing – at least until defenders of the 47 started talking smack about the time 95 years ago when 88 members of the... Read more
By Trina Vargo The week of March 16 was so seven years ago. Irish America publisher Niall O’Dowd may be loud, but that doesn’t make him right, or representative of most Irish Americans. In his never-ending need to ingratiate himself with the Clintons, he... Read more
Speaker of the House John Boehner, President Barack Obama, and Taoiseach Enda Kenny walked together down the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. on March 17, 2015. Photo courtesy White House President Barack Obama hosted 
Prime... Read more
It was a short rebellion. Only six days. According to the “Book of the 1916 Rising,” a 2006 publication by the Irish Times, 450 people died – 62 Irish rebels, 132 British soldiers and 256 civilians. Beyond that, the British Army imprisoned approximately 3... Read more
He was the oldest of three boys, one of ten children brought up on Wrentham Street in Dorchester. My mother Mary was the oldest, born in 1907. Their parents were Irish immigrants who met in Waterbury, Connecticut and later moved to Boston where their... Read more
A dramatically successful 2014 has inspired the Boston- headquartered Irish American Partnership to rejuvenate and modernize its operation and prepare for substantial growth in the years ahead. Although audited figures are not yet finalized, at this... Read more
Most Irish Americans, and certainly all those Americans who were born in Ireland and are now living in the Boston area, deeply care about their Irish Heritage. There are dozens upon dozens of serious Irish organizations in the Boston metropolitan area... Read more
US Envoy Gary Hart: Played key role in ending recent impasse.Almost 17 years after the 1998 US-brokered Peace Agreement between the major UK/Irish parties that ended 25-plus years of civil war in northeast Ireland, many difficult issues remain unresolved... Read more
This will be an exciting year in Ireland. Signs of an exploding economy started to show up early in 2014 and all indications are that 2015 will offer a continuation of the good news. According to The Irish Business and Employers’ Confederation (Ibec) as... Read more
The judge got it right in sentencing former Probation Commissioner John O’Brien and two of his top aides. They were instruments for others who formulated a plan to facilitate patronage. Under the circumstances, severe sentences were unwarranted. A former... Read more
With a Catholic majority looming in the near future and the British government cutting back on funds to run the Northern Ireland government, rather profound changes are coming to this small province. One change may arrive before Christmas. For all the... Read more