Lú Festival of Light to illuminate Drogheda this Autumn: Be bewitched in Drogheda this Halloween with Lú Festival of Light

Lú Festival of Light to illuminate Drogheda this Autumn
27-31 October & 2-4 November
Be bewitched in Drogheda this Halloween with Lú Festival of Light. The dazzling light display will illuminate the historic buildings of Drogheda Town featuring a magical mix of lights, colour and sound to illustrate the myths and legends from Ireland’s mythological past. 
An amazing display of urban animation, Lú Festival of Light, Drogheda is free to attend and will run over two long weekends, 27th – 31st of October and 2nd – 4th of November. Lú Festival of Light is an initiative of Louth County Council in partnership with Love Drogheda BIDS. The project is supported by Fáilte Ireland and is part funded under the Fáilte Ireland Urban Animation Scheme.  
Journey through time along the trail and discover the stories of Boann, the Salmon of Knowledge, Amergin, the Gods of Newgrange and many more. The illuminations focus on these magical stories that are rooted in the beautiful Boyne Valley region. Over eight days stunning illuminations will light up Drogheda’s Old Abbey, St Peters Church, St Dominic’s Bridge, the former Methodist Church garden and St Laurence’s Gate using the latest digital technology, projection, sound and animation to weave a compelling tale of our mythological past.
Spectacular projections will adorn intricate stonework around Drogheda while illustrating the legendary tales of heroic warriors, mythical creatures, and ethereal landscapes that have woven themselves into the fabric of Drogheda's history.
Colin Hindle, Festival Officer at Fáilte Ireland said: “Lú Festival of Light is an exciting addition to the visitor offering in Drogheda and adds another unique experience for visitors to enjoy in Ireland’s Ancient East. This is the second year of the festival which uses spectacular light animations, part funded under Fáilte Ireland’s Urban Animation Scheme, to tell the many myths and legends associated with the region, tying into the ancient theme of the area. I would like to congratulate Louth County Council and Love Drogheda on their continued development of this festival, which truly shines a light on the many visitor attractions Drogheda has to offer.”
Thomas McEvoy, Director of Services, Louth County Council added: “Louth County Council are delighted to host Lú Festival of Light for a second year. The Lú Festival of Light is an unique addition to Drogheda’s Arts and Cultural calendar of events and follows on from several excellent creative attractions in the area including the recently installed Destination Town wayfinding signs and the DRAWDA urban art trail. This year’s festival will feature elements of our mythological and historical past which is deeply rooted in the history of the Boyne Valley.”
Cllr Eileen Tully, Mayor of Drogheda said: “I am absolutely thrilled to announce the second year of the Lú Festival of Light. As the evenings draw in, this amazing urban animation project will proudly light up Drogheda again in celebration of Louth’s role in our renowned mythological heritage. In doing so, it will attract visitors to the town bringing a boost in business to local shops, restaurants, and hotels in the area. Lú Festival of Light has it all, five amazing light shows together with on street entertainment and we look forward to welcoming visitors, young and old, to our town.”
Trevor Connolly, Love Drogheda BIDs, said: “Love Drogheda BIDs are delighted to be part of bringing this innovative event to Drogheda.  Our streets and waterways will be alive with colour, light and a sprinkling of magic and we invite everyone to come into Drogheda to celebrate! The illustrations dive into The Boyne Valley’s extensive mythological past, bringing to life these fascinating stories for the next generations.”
Audiences will be able to explore the mythological past with audio narration to accompany the spectacular visuals. The scripts were written by Irish company Visual Spectrum together with Anthony Murphy of Mythical Ireland. The animation and live score have been designed and created by Visual Spectrum using cutting edge technology to digitally map the buildings and create an audio-visual spectacular to wow the senses. The experience will bring a touch of Halloween magic to the streets of Drogheda.
Drogheda, gateway to the Boyne Valley was one of the first settlements in Ireland’s Ancient East and is home to many of Ireland’s ancient tales.  The Boyne River flows through the heart of the town and this year’s festival will also feature a show on one of the bridges.
The festival will host an array of on- street performances including stilt walkers, face painters and fire breathers, together with cafes, bars and restaurants in the area staying open late. There will also be a family fun area with a Viking Encampment at the Old Abbey carpark.
There will be four shows per hour in each location. Watch out for the countdown clocks!
Friday 27th October - 7PM - 9.30PM
Saturday 28th October - 7PM - 9.30PM
Sunday 29th October 6.30PM - 9.30PM
Monday 30th October 6.30PM - 9.30PM
Tuesday 31st October 6.30PM-9.30PM
*Wednesday 1st November NO SHOW*
Thursday 2nd November - 6.30PM - 9.30PM
Friday 3rd November - 6.30PM - 9.30PM
Saturday 4th November - 6.30PM - 9.30PM

A spectacular new water screen projection installation will grace the magnificent St. Dominic's Bridge. This groundbreaking artwork will combine the fluidity of water with the enchanting narratives of Drogheda's Irish mythical stories, creating a spellbinding fusion of nature and folklore. Prepare to be captivated by this harmonious marriage of water and light, as St. Dominic's Bridge becomes a gateway to a world of legends and wonders that will leave you in awe of the power of storytelling.
Prepare to be transported through time and mythology with an exhilarating projection of new stories for 2023. This mapped installation will grace the historic St. Peter's Church, located in the heart of Drogheda. This immersive experience will celebrate the heritage of Drogheda and invites visitors to embark on a journey where the past and mythical realms converge, leaving them spellbound and in awe of the timeless magic that resides within the Town walls.
The Old Abbey has an exhilarating new projection installation for 2023. The innovative artwork will transform the bell tower into a towering canvas, where vivid projections bring to life the tales of ancient gods, legendary heroes, and mystical creatures that have graced the folklore of Drogheda for centuries. As night falls, the bell tower will become a portal to another world, where stunning visuals will dance across its surface, immersing spectators in a realm of magic and wonder.
Waves will be a mesmerising and enchanting kinetic light installation, inspired by the legendary River Boyne and its rich Irish mythical tales. This innovative artwork will combine the ethereal beauty of light with the captivating narratives of ancient folklore, immersing spectators in a truly unique experience. Under cover of darkness the installation will come to life, illuminating the space with a dazzling array of vibrant colours and dynamic patterns. This awe-inspiring creation will celebrate Ireland's rich cultural heritage and offer a captivating contemporary interpretation that will mesmerise audiences of all ages. 
An extraordinary new projection installation for 2023 will embrace the captivating Irish mythical stories and be brought to life upon the iconic Laurence's Gate in Drogheda. With cutting-edge artwork this ancient monument will transform into a storytelling canvas. As dusk descends Laurence's Gate will emerge as a gateway to a realm of enchantment and folklore. The projections seamlessly blend with the gate's architectural details, creating a breathtaking fusion of past and present, myth and reality. Visitors will be transported into a world of wonder, where the boundaries between imagination and the tangible blur, and where the rich tapestry of Irish mythology unfurls before their eyes.