Irish PM Kenny to help launch BC-Ireland Business Council on March 14

Enda Kenny: Will visit Boston to launch BC-Irish Business Council on March 14Enda Kenny: Will visit Boston to launch BC-Ireland Business Council on March 14Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny will help launch a newly-formed Boston College-Ireland Business Council during a visit to Boston this month. The Taoiseach is expected to offer remarks about the impact of Britain's Brexit decision during a breakfast event at the Boston College Club on Tuesday, March 14.

The Boston College-Ireland Business Council "has been established to enhance and deepen transatlantic business opportunities and development between the Boston College, Boston, and Irish business communities," according to BC spokesman Jack Dunn, who said that the council was inspired by the 2016 Aer Lingus College Football Classic in Dublin.

The Business Council intends to connect Boston and Irish business leaders, actively engage foreign direct investment alumni based in Boston— and vice versa; and act as a welcoming community and landing point for transatlantic business ventures.

Robert Mauro, director of the Global Leadership Institute within BC’s Irish Institute, will help to oversee the council.

"The Business Council will foster a network for members, supporters, and partners both in Ireland and Boston, creating a creative, innovative, and connected environment," said Mauro in a statement to the Reporter.

The Ireland Gateway to Europe (IGTE) delegation, and a board of advisors, featuring members of the Boston College and Irish business communities will give oversight to the council. Neil Naughton will serve as Board Chair.

The Business Council will feature two events, one in Boston and one in Dublin, for key members of the Irish and Boston College business communities.