Jennifer Ryder: Set for Success

“A whirlwind of emotion.” That is how Jennifer Ryder describes her experience in the US. Originally from Dublin, Jennifer has spent most of a year in New York City where she has learned a lot more about American culture, American politics, and herself. As she approaches the end of her visa, Jennifer now has a better idea of what kind of life she wants to have and what kind of city she wants to live in. Her learning experience in the US was “worth the headache when she was applying,” she says.”


Jennifer left home at the end of January 2019 to embark on this adventure. After initially having trouble finding an internship, Jennifer says, the professional offers came all at once. She then started working as a communication intern at the communications firm A/B Partners and was promoted to junior associate in September. “It’s been great,” Jennifer says. In her current role, she has a wide range of responsibilities, from assisting a foundation to working on campaigns. She also enjoyed working with clients more directly, and claims that the position “can be a varied job which means that the job is fun.”


When asked to evaluate her time so far, Jennifer stated that her time in the US has exceeded her expectations. She explained: “I did some fascinating work…. Back home, I was doing research and policy…. There’s a nice mix here between research, communication, activism, and organizing. Those elements can be separated a lot. If I got the chance to do that at home, that would be cool.” Jennifer was also lucky to have found a professional team who support her at work. 


It is almost time to go back home for Jennifer, but she made the most of her time in the US. From having an amazing professional experience, to spending Thanksgiving with an American family in California, she will have lots of stories to tell and to reminisce about. Her experiences in the US have set her up for future success back in Ireland.