New name, continuing mission


While honoring its Irish roots, our new name, Rian (pronounced “REE-ann”), which comes from the Irish word for a pathway through obstacles, a pathway forged when it seems there is no way forward, reflects the nonprofit organization’s mission to serve immigrants and refugees from around the world. Founded by a small group of Irish immigrants, Rian has continued to help all newcomers along the path to safety and opportunity for more than 30 years. “Our work has never been in higher demand,” said Ronnie Millar, executive director of the Rian Immigrant Center. “In recent years that path has grown more difficult. Legal obstacles, bureaucratic thickets, even physical barriers obstruct the path to legal status and citizenship.  Together with our public and private partners, we are undaunted in navigating those challenges, and we remain steadfast in creating pathways to new beginnings.”


The Center’s new logo is inspired by the Giant's Causeway on the north coast of Ireland, natural hexagonal stones formed 60 million years ago by cooling lava. The symbol represents how the Rian Immigrant Center provides the support to chart a pathway forward. 


Serving immigrants from 126 countries, the Rian Immigrant Center has consistently met increased community demand by providing humanitarian legal, wellness and education services. Over the past three years, Rian has doubled in size, assisting more than 10,000 immigrant families and young Irish citizens through Rian’s international exchange visitor program. The new Arbella Foundation Immigrant Learning Center at Rian’s downtown Welcome Center is also a testament to Rian’s commitment to providing more integrated support to immigrant families. Additionally, Rian is continuing to expand its partnerships with local schools, hospitals, community-based organizations and recently launched a new civic engagement program for those on the path to citizenship. 


Rian’s work creating pathways to new beginnings is made possible by its many individual donors, corporate donors, foundational donors and partners in addition to its hard-working and dedicated staff and volunteers. For more information about Rian and how to get involved, please visit and follow us on social media via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.