By Ed ForryBoston Irish Publisher   The city of Boston historically has been a “Gateway City” to Ireland, one of only three American cities with that distinction.  Over six decades, Ireland’s national airline, Aer Lingus, has delivered maybe a million or... Read more
By Ed ForryBoston Irish Publisher Officials of Tourism Ireland hosted a wide-ranging online conversation about tourism in Ireland, even as the hard-hit hospitality and travel sector in Ireland continues to hemorrhage after twelve months of a complete... Read more
The popular social network Facebook has 600 million users across Europe but that hasn't stopped an Irish agency from auditing the internet phenomenon. The Irish Data Protection Commission has agreed to audit Facebook following complaints about privacy... Read more
European and American business leaders are praising Ireland's government for setting a courageous course to return the Irish economy to financial prosperity in the years ahead. A balanced mix of increased taxes and reduced spending has both European Union... Read more
The president of Dublin City University, Brian MacCraith, visited Boston on Oct. 17 to develop academic and technology partnerships. The holder of a PhD from NUI Galway, Dr. MacCraith, who began his ten-year presidential term in last year, has been a... Read more
Is this the year to make that long-delayed trip to Ireland? I asked myself that question at the beginning of 2009, and as in previous years, the answer was a resounding "maybe." Somehow, a trip back "home" to the land of the grandparents has always been... Read more
Every once in a while we have to be told to "slow down, you are going too fast; stop and think." Sometimes it is a speeding accident, or an exciting idea gone wrong, or a personal excess that should be controlled. In Ireland's case it was the soaring... Read more
This new year, 2010, will be the 12th anniversary of the start of the Saville Inquiry into the January 1972 massacre, Bloody Sunday, when 13 unarmed Derry citizens were shot to death by British paratroopers on the streets where they lived. A fourteenth... Read more
At Christmastime, as the creche is unpacked and set up on the mantelpiece, I pause when I take out the old gray donkey and think about the wonderful work done by Paddy Barrett and his dedicated and caring staff at The Donkey Sanctuary in Liscarroll,... Read more
Though the general economy in Ireland is causing severe problems today, two to three years from now we may be looking at a far stronger country than would be the case if the Irish had not gone through these difficult times. Perhaps Ireland grew too fast,... Read more
As a friend and I drove along a curvy stretch of the Atlantic Drive on Achill Island in Co. Mayo this spring, I spotted a sign on the side of the road that said: Aire Ailtreacha Arda. Interesting, I thought, since it had no accompanying image and I don't... Read more
You can probably imagine that, over my years as a travel writer, I have had the opportunity to stay at countless lovely Irish inns, hotels, and manor houses. Many of these properties have every amenity you could ever want from a place where you really... Read more
As Ireland sinks deeper into the agonies of depression, Fianna Fail government leaders are working desperately to correct the problems caused by, "the most overheated of all advanced economies," according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) report... Read more
Despite the worldwide nature of the economic recession, Irish voters are charging their own political leaders with the responsibility for their country's problems. It is often said that perception frequently becomes reality. Ireland's leading political... Read more
In case you've questioned whether you should visit Ireland this summer, be aware the country is alive and well despite the current economic crisis gripping most of the world. True, the economy isn't great in Ireland and there are layoffs and businesses... Read more
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